Golf Cart Answers: What Are The Most Asked Questions About Golf Carts? Part 2

A few weeks ago, Singer Island Golf Cart Rental released a blog answering several common golf cart related questions – by beginning to type in a question related to golf carts, Google autocompletes it with what people are searching most about golf carts. This week, instead of only using autofilled golf cart questions, we searched for more specific questions so we can provide more specific golf cart answers. Here are some common golf cart questions, and the golf cart answers written by us in our own words.

What’s the difference between a golf cart and an LSV?

golf cart answers what are the most asked questions about golf carts part 2Often times, we use the terms interchangeably, but a golf cart and an LSV are actually two separate vehicles. Low speed vehicles (LSVs) and golf carts can look the same, but the main difference is that LSVs are street legal and have a VIN number. An LSV must have a maximum speed of 24mph in order to be registered as a street legal vehicle, and can be driven on roads with a speed limit of 35mph or less. LSVs also need a variety of safety features in place in order to be street legal, including headlights, tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, a horn, seat belts, a windshield, and side view mirrors.

Some of our golf carts, such as our Advanced EV 2 passenger non street legal carts, can reach 24mph, but are not made to be street legal. This is the same with our EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha carts – although some of them can reach up to 20-22mph, they lack the safety features that LSVs come with. However, these carts can be upgraded to include these features, and can even be made to go faster with a speed upgrade. Another requirement for a cart to be an LSV is that it must be electric – gas golf carts are not street legal, which we explain further in our previous golf cart answers blog.

How long do golf cart batteries last?

Depending on the weight on the golf cart and the speed being maintained, generally, lead-acid golf cart batteries can last about 20-25 miles before needing to be charged. Example: 6 adults using a 6 passenger golf cart at its maximum speed of 24mph will need to recharge their golf cart sooner than 2 adults using a 4 passenger golf cart at the same speed. Lithium golf cart batteries, on the other hand, can last up to 60 miles before needing to be recharged, and their recharge time is a lot faster than lead-acid batteries. For more information, read our blog about the benefits of lithium batteries, or visit our golf cart lithium battery website.

In terms of longevity, generally, lead-acid batteries will need to be replaced every few years, while lithium batteries can last up to 10 years.

When and how do you charge a golf cart?golf cart answers what are the most asked questions about golf carts part 2

For a standard lead-acid battery system – the most common golf cart battery system -, you’ll want to charge your golf cart once it starts to get down to the 50% area. Advice we give to a lot of our customers is to use the golf cart for the day and plug it in at night and let it recharge overnight. The lower the charge, the longer it takes for the golf cart to fully recharge, and if a lead-acid battery’s charge gets too low, it can take over 12 hours to get back up to 100% charged. In some cases, if the battery becomes too depleted, a regular recharge won’t work, and the battery will have to be supercharged – a service we provide when necessary. When renting a golf cart from Singer Island Golf Cart Rental, your golf cart will come with a charging cable. One end plugs into the cart, while the plug can be connected to any standard 110 household outlet. Plug the cart into an outside outlet, an outlet in the garage, or run an extension cord out your door from an outlet inside – all methods are sufficient.

Do golf carts have a warranty?

Our Advanced EV golf carts come with a 2 year warranty, while our Evolution golf carts carry a 2 year warranty on the cart itself and a lifetime warranty on the chassis. Our America EV carts also come with a 1 year warranty. Used golf carts do not have a warranty.

What should I look for when buying a golf cart?

golf cart answers what are the most asked questions about golf carts part 2When buying a golf cart, no matter if it’s new or used, you’ll want to check the condition first. Make sure that a new cart’s batteries are also new and that the range is sufficient, and for used carts, keep the age of the (lead-acid) batteries in mind. It’s okay if the batteries are one or two years old, but if they’re older than that, keep in mind that you’ll need to replace them a lot sooner than you would with new or slightly used batteries. If you want a street legal golf cart, the price will increase, and it’ll be much easier to find a new street legal golf cart instead of a used street legal golf cart; used street legal golf carts are very hard to come by. Check for any damages, even on new carts – damage during shipping is rare, but not impossible. Keep the price in mind too – a brand new street legal cart with multiple accessories will have a much higher price than a 10 year old non street legal golf cart. Make sure everything works, especially when buying a used golf cart – just like a car, keep in mind that you may be paying a lower price now, but may have to spend more for future maintenance, whereas a brand new golf cart may be more expensive now, but will last much longer before needing major service.

In the end, it really depends on what you’re using the golf cart for – for transporting heavy materials for construction sites, a used utility cart will be just fine, while you’ll want a new street legal LSV if you plan on driving it daily on the road.

Where else can you use a golf cart?golf cart answers what are the most asked questions about golf carts part 2

Most of the golf carts we rent out are used for street use rather than on the golf course, though they can be used on both, and in many more places! A lot of people who come down to Florida on vacation rent a golf cart from us because it’s more affordable than a standard car rental. Golf carts can also be used for event transportation – for example, we provide a lot of rentals for weddings, where a host may need to transport guests around the venue -, utility carts can be used for construction sites to carry loads of heavy building materials, and golf carts are also used for campground and resort transportation.

If you have any other questions, we may be able to provide the golf cart answers you need – use our contact form or call to get in touch with us!

American Landmaster UTV | Utility Golf Cart | American Landmaster for Sale

At Singer Island Golf Cart Rental, not only do we rent and deliver dozens of golf carts every week, we are also in the business of selling new and used golf carts – more information can be found on our sales page. We’re proud to announce that we have recently become a local dealer of the American Landmaster UTV, one of the best, most reliable and durable utility vehicles in the industry!

american landmaster utv, utility golf cart, american landmaster for saleThe American Landmaster is a gas-powered utility terrain vehicle (UTV) able to reach a maximum speed of 24mph, fully American made and built from the ground up in Columbia City, Indiana. Each vehicle is four-wheel drive with four-wheel hydraulic disk brakes, built with more than 30 new features in safety, reliability, performance, and design. Along with its own suspension system – the Landmaster ride optimization suspension system (LROSS) -, the Landmaster also features dual rate shocks. This system helps keep the ride smooth even when the bed in the back is fully loaded – also capable of being dumped. Included as well is a caliper-mounted parking brake system, allowing the vehicle to be parked on an incline and locked in place, and when it’s time to disembark, an indicator light reminds the driver to release the parking brake. These vehicles provide over 8 inches of front and rear suspension travel, and stand with an 11 inch ground clearance.

What’s great about the American Landmaster is its affordability and serviceability – the base model, the L3, runs under $10,000, and tasks such as oil changes and fuse box maintenance can be completed easily at home, or done in a service center for a low cost.

american landmaster utv, utility golf cart, american landmaster for sale

This vehicle can perform various tasks such as hauling timber, dumping stone, and towing trailers. It is capable of hauling up to 800lbs, and towing up to 1,500 lbs. With its plug ‘n’ play electrical system, it can also have a front attachment installed that allows it to plow snow – a variety of other upgrades are available as well. Accessory packages are offered by the company and include easy-to-install upgrades such as turn signals, bed lifts, dome lights, strobe lights, rear flood lights, LED lights, and horns.

american landmaster utv, utility golf cart, american landmaster for saleThis cart has an all-steel frame – part of what makes it so durable and tough. With this, it’s protected from the inside out from rollover damage, and side skirts and fenders dampen motor and road noise, making the vehicle surprisingly quiet for a gas-powered utility vehicle. The LROSS and super-sport trailing arm also lessen the roughness of uneven terrain, such as railroad tracks, rumble strips, and off-road trails. A winch mount behind the bumper protects the winch from debris, and an in-dash connector for remote access.

Its seats are made from high density foam, with marine-grade vinyl covering and contoured for maximum all-day comfort. Not only does the marine-grade vinyl protect the seats from weather, the switches are waterproof as well, and even backlit for visibility in low light. The grip ‘n’ lock levels are contoured for easy maneuvering, and for utility work that requires gloves, the shape of the levers does not make it any more difficult to use with gloves.

We carry the L3, L4, L5W, L7, and L7X. If you’re interested in purchasing one of our American Landmaster UTVs, or simply want more information and pictures, you can also visit our American Landmaster UTV page on our main company website, Prime Golf Cars. Most American Landmasters are 2 passenger, with only the L7X being a 4 passenger.

Golf Cart Battery Storage | How to Prepare a Golf Cart Battery for Winter

As the weather begins to get colder and the golf carts begin to roll into storage, it’s important to know how to maintain your golf cart batteries for the winter season. Singer Island Golf Cart Rental provides a detailed guide on how to prepare a golf cart for long term storage; today we talk specifically about golf cart battery storage, especially in the winter. The key to maintaining the longevity of lead-acid batteries through the winter is proper storage.

The process of preparing for golf cart battery storage is similar in both the summer and winter seasons, but one thing that remains constant is the importance of fully charging your battery before putting the golf cart into long-term storage. The reason for this is because leaving them discharged in cold weather can actually cause the electrolyte inside to freeze and therefore expand, which could potentially crack the battery case and cause a leak or battery failure. When a battery is not charged, its freezing point is about 20 degrees Fahrenheit, while a fully charged battery has a much lower freezing point: approximately -80 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the weather is not too severe and you’re not putting your golf cart into long-term storage, there are still procedures to follow for using your golf cart in colder temperatures. Cold weather causes the batteries to charge slower, and reduces the battery’s capacity. In this case, it’s extra important to make sure the battery is fully charged before driving the golf cart – a common mistake made is plugging in the battery and assuming it is fully charged, not knowing that charging slows in colder weather, and therefore draining the battery further with every drive. In order to check the charge of your batteries in cold weather, you’ll want to take hydrometer readings of your battery’s cells and use the correction factor of subtracting 0.004 (four points) from your reading for every 10 degrees below 80 degrees Fahrenheit (the optimum temperature to take a hydrometer reading). A fully charged golf cart battery should have a hydrometer reading of approximately 1.270. For example, if the outside temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and your hydrometer reading returns as 1.200, you’ll want to subtract 0.12 from this reading; your correct reading would therefore be 1.188, which means the battery is less than 50 percent charged. It’s extra important to fully recharge the battery before driving or putting the golf cart into storage, as a golf cart that drops below 50 percent charged can be more difficult to fully recharge.

golf cart battery storage, how to prepare a golf cart battery for winter

Another tip we recommend for driving a golf cart in colder weather is using one of our golf cart enclosures – we have a blog detailing the various enclosures we sell for our Advanced EV or Icon® golf carts, available for purchase on our parts website!

Golf Cart Questions: What Are The Most Asked Questions About Golf Carts?

Today we look at some of the most common golf cart questions asked to Google, meaning that when you begin typing a question about golf carts, how does Google autocomplete the question? We’ve taken some of those autofilled golf cart questions and answered them here! As always, if you have a question that is not answered here, you can always use our contact form to get in touch with us.

Are golf carts…

…street legal?

golf cart questions what are the most asked questions about golf cartsIt depends on the golf cart! We sell a lot of street legal low speed vehicles (LSVs), such as our Evolution carts. In order for a golf cart to be street legal, it must be registered as an LSV. To become certified, the cart must be able to reach and maintain a speed of 24mph, in order to be allowed on streets with a posted speed limit of 35mph or less. It also must have several safety requirements, such as seat belts, headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, horn, windshield, and most recently, a backup camera and an audio indicator for moving forward.

Something to note is that golf carts and LSVs are technically different. What we have named as golf carts are technically considered LSVs, because they’re street legal, and can reach 24mph and have all the required safety features. This golf cart on the left is an LSV, meaning that in a more literal sense, it’s not a golf cart at all! However, because they have the appearance of golf carts and most people don’t know the term LSV, we call them golf carts for easier understanding. While we also sell regular golf carts, which are not street legal, a good selection of our fleet are street legal LSVs.

Once registered as an LSV, a golf cart can be driven and parked just like a car – remember that they are only allowed on public roads that are 35mph or less.


If they have a VIN number, yes. When purchasing a street legal golf cart from us, it comes with a tag and title already.

…expensive to maintain?

golf cart questions what are the most asked questions about golf cartsIt depends on the condition of the golf cart. Most maintenance is not too complicated, and simple repairs such as battery replacements and tire changes can be done at home. The most important part of the golf cart to maintain and check regularly is the batteries. Standard lead-acid batteries can last around 3-6 years, depending on the type. Eventually, they will need to be replaced, but you can extend the life of the batteries by maintaining them regularly. Always make sure they have the right level of water – generally, they need to be refilled once a month, and you must use distilled water. You’ll also want to check for corrosion and loose terminals, and make sure the condition of the cables stays good. If you need to swap out a battery cable, they are generally inexpensive. Make sure to keep them charged. Other things to look out for include:

Tires: Make sure tread is good, and tires have plenty of air and nothing embedded in the rubber. Check the tire pressure from time to time, and make sure your rims are on tight.

Brakes: Clean and adjust the brakes and make sure the brake cable is in good shape. You don’t have to do this very often – once a year is sufficient. It can be expensive to replace the brakes if they fail.

Suspension and Rear Axle: Take care of your cart and maintain it regularly and the suspension will stay in great condition for many years. A sign that the suspension may be failing is the ride feeling rougher. This will be expensive to repair, so make sure to keep it in good shape. Be sure to also check the condition of the rear axle occasionally, especially if you hear any strange noises, and always be on the lookout for anything – like oil – leaking.

Other areas to remember are the steering column – check how well the steering is performing by test driving the cart and seeing how it responds to quick turns and adjustments, and all electrical components – windshield wipers, LED bars, reverse warning buzzers, and Bluetooth soundbars all have connections that should be periodically checked and maintained.

See our accessory shop for batteries, tires, or other golf cart needs!

Do golf carts…

…have VIN numbers?

Street legal LSVs have VIN numbers. By meeting the right safety requirements, golf carts can get one as well, and can become street legal. If a cart is an LSV and has a VIN number, it also needs to be registered.

…run on gas?

golf cart questions what are the most asked questions about golf cartsMost of the time, golf carts are electric, but there are still gas golf carts being manufactured – we sell new American Landmaster carts that run on gas, along with various types of used gas golf carts from brands such as Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha. Gas golf carts are not street legal – they can only reach a speed of around 16mph, and can’t travel or maintain the required maximum speed for an LSV (24mph).  Newer laws are also pushing for more eco-friendly vehicles, which is why nearly all street legal golf carts will be electric. Few gas gold carts are actually street legal, but that is because they’ve been grandfathered in (they were street legal before the law changed), and they can only travel on streets 25mph or less. The gas golf carts you see are mostly non-street legal utility carts for construction sites and similar industrial areas.

Can golf carts…

golf cart questions what are the most asked questions about golf carts…get wet?

Yes, all electrical parts are sealed inside and protected from rain. Batteries are sealed in a waterproof casing. It is fine to drive your golf cart in the rain – however, it’s not recommended if the rain is heavy, as it could impair visibility and flood the streets.

We have a blog with more details about our golf cart enclosures!

…be stored outside?

golf cart questions what are the most asked questions about golf cartsYes, provided conditions aren’t too extreme. Golf carts are just like a car in the way that they can be parked outside and don’t necessarily need a garage, but it’s recommended to store them in a garage if temperatures get too hot or cold or heavy rainfall floods the area. If temperatures aren’t too severe or rain is a light to medium shower, you can store your golf cart outside and cover it with one of our storage covers – available for 2, 4, and 6 passenger golf carts and a universal fit!

…drive on sand?

Most of the time, no. Even if they have off-road tires, the weight of the cart will cause it to bury itself before making it very far, especially if it’s soft sand like on the beach. Aside from that, in most areas of Florida, it is not legal to drive a golf cart on the beach. The only place close to one of our locations where a golf cart can be driven on the beach is Daytona Beach. However, utility terrain vehicles (UTVs), mostly used for industrial work, can have 4 wheel drive and therefore are able to be driven on the beach. However, unless it’s for a construction project and you have special permission to use one of these vehicles on the beach, generally, it is not allowed.

Have other golf cart questions?

For any other golf cart questions you may have that we didn’t answer here, contact us by using our contact form! On the topic of Google, we also have a Google Places shop set up, where you can view and purchase some of our golf carts and accessories! You can visit it by clicking this link and view some of the products only available in our Google shop!

Golf Cart Enclosure | Advanced EV Enclosure | Golf Cart Rain Enclosure

This week, we’re featuring another one of our popular accessories, especially now as the weather is beginning to get colder – the golf cart rain enclosure. Riviera Beach, Florida – where Singer Island Golf Cart Rental is based out of -, is often an area of heavy wind and rain. We ship all over the country as well, to many areas also with torrential rains, as well as much colder temperatures and rapid winds. Our golf cart enclosures are made from a high quality, UV-resistant fabric that can stand up to the toughest of circumstances. Getting caught in the rain on the golf course or being splattered by sideways rain while driving down a road will no longer be a problem with our golf cart enclosure. Not only does it keep water off the cart, you, and your passengers, you’ll stay warm inside the enclosure when the winter season approaches and cold winds come billowing in.

(On the subject of winter and colder weather: check out our blog on how to store a golf cart for the winter!)

Featured here are our Icon® and Advanced EV 2, 4, and 6 passenger golf cart enclosures, including an enclosure option for 4 passenger golf carts with both sets of seats facing forward (as opposed to the standard 2 forward facing seats and 2 rear facing seats). These are custom made for the Icon® and Advanced EV golf carts, made specifically to fit their body shape. Zippers on all doors make it easy for you and passengers to enter and exit, and when not in use, the enclosure can be rolled up to the edge of the roof. When it’s time to use it again, it can then be rolled back down, zipped back together, and closed again. The Icon® and Advanced EV golf cart enclosure does not feature a plastic windshield window, as the enclosure attaches to the windshield posts. This allows for maximum visibility. Our universal cover has a removable plastic windshield window.

You can find these enclosures in our Advanced EV shop!

If you have another brand of golf cart besides Advanced EV or Icon®, such as one of the common brands Club Car, Yamaha, or EZGO, we also offer universal golf cart enclosures that will fit any golf cart. This easy to install enclosure offers protection against wind and rain and features a quick zip-off windshield along with zippered removable doors. Made from water-resistant, UV-protected fabric, this enclosure will not shrink or stretch, and the super-clear window material provides easy visibility along with protection from the elements. Zippers on the inside and outside make entry and exit simple, and when installing, the enclosure can be easily secured with adjustable quick-release buckles, and an elastic cord in the bottom hem adjusts for a custom fit. The enclosure also features reflective piping for enhanced visibility and safety for driving at night, and if you want to remove it, it’s easy to uninstall and folds down to a compact size, small enough to be carried in a duffel bag – which also comes with! Along with the enclosure, a convenient carrying duffel bag is included for when you want to removed and store the enclosure. Our 6 passenger universal golf cart enclosure, pictured below, is $445.

golf cart enclosure, advanced ev enclosure, golf cart rain enclosure

Prices of all Icon® and Advanced EV enclosures are as follows:

2 passenger – $349

4 passenger – $425

4 passenger with forward facing seats – $549

6 passenger – $895

Golf Cart Battery for Sale | Singer Island Golf Cart Battery | New and Used Golf Cart Batteries

Singer Island Golf Cart Rental offers many accessories along with golf cart rentals and sales, and today we feature a selection of some of the various types of golf cart battery that we offer. These are the standard lead-acid batteries, found in almost every golf cart, in a system of 6 or 8 batteries all connected together. The most common type of golf cart battery is Trojan, which we sell as 6 volt, 8 volt, and 12 volt. We also carry Crown, Megavolt, Powertron, and several different brands – all can be seen in the pictures below. We can also assist with purchasing the right battery, and installing as well.

Since lead-acid batteries are the standard golf cart battery, they are relatively cheap to produce and purchase, and actually have the lowest cost per unit capacity for rechargeable cells. As with any other batteries, if the golf cart is not run for a while, the lead-acid battery will slowly lose charge, but it only does so at a rate of about 3% a month. Because of this, a lead-acid battery can theoretically be stored for up to 12 months without needing to be recharged. Generally, you’ll want to recharge your golf cart when the charge drops to about 50%. The lower the charge, the longer it takes for the battery to recharge. However, if the charge drops too low, the battery won’t be able to be recharged by a regular charger, and will need to be connected to a super charger, another service we offer when a golf cart battery has been drained too low.

Lead-acid batteries are quite durable and resilient, able to be recharged about 300-500 times before needing to be replaced. As stated before, they are relatively affordable, since they are simple to produce and cheap to manufacture. They are very tolerant to overcharging, as the golf cart charger will shut off as soon as the battery charge has been refilled – even though the charger is still plugged in, the batteries will be fully charged and therefore not use excess energy. They can be used for a variety of other applications besides golf carts, and has a high current capacity and comes in a wide range of sizes and specifications. To find the voltage of a battery, count the number of holes in the top (used for waterfilling) and multiply it by 2. 6 volt batteries have 3 holes, 8 volt batteries have 4, and 12 volt batteries have 6.

golf cart battery for sale, singer island golf cart battery, new and used golf cart batteries

We have more on golf cart batteries and maintenance on our golf cart battery page, where you can also access our contact information if you have any additional questions.

Notes to keep in mind:

Generally, lead-acid golf cart batteries are not any more difficult to maintain than any other vehicle battery – however, there are some precautions to keep in mind. When first plugging in your golf cart, you’ll want to lift up the seat that the batteries are under – generally, in four passenger carts, the batteries are under the front seats, while in six passenger carts, they’re under the middle row of seats. When the battery charger first comes on, the batteries may give off a vapor that comes from the chemicals inside the batteries. It can be extremely dangerous if these fumes build up under the seat, so it’s very important to ventilate the batteries when the charger turns on. Lead-acid batteries also need to be cleaned of the acid deposits that build up around the terminals, and regularly refilled with water – we actually sell a waterfilling kit that you can put on a battery to create a single point from which to fill the batteries. It makes refilling them a lot easier! This product, along with several other golf cart accessories, are available in our Advanced EV golf cart shop.

Used Golf Carts Singer Island | Used Golf Cart for Sale | Singer Island Used Cart

Along with rentals and sales of new golf carts, Singer Island Golf Cart Rental is also in the business of selling various types of used golf carts. Most of our used carts are in our main Riviera Beach location, but we do carry a couple in both our Fort Lauderdale and Miami stores.

Our used carts come from a variety of brands, most commonly EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha, and are carefully inspected and maintained before being priced and put up for sale. Our used carts come from customers just like you – if you are interested in selling your cart to us, use our contact form to get in touch.

Many of our used golf carts are refurbished EZGO carts, meaning that the company from where we bought them has performed upgrades inside and out on an older model. Some of the refurbished EZGO carts in the bottom gallery have been upgraded with a new controller, allowing them to reach a speed of approximately 24mph. All tires are new; when it is a lifted cart, for example, the cart receives a set of brand new, high quality 23 inch tires with 14 inch alloy rims. Other new accessories include new seats, a new flip windshield, a new lift kit (when applicable), and new LED front and rear lights.

A lot of our used Club Car carts for sale have received a speed upgrade from the previous owner – while Club Car carts could previously only maintain a speed of around 15 to 18 mph, we have several with speed upgrades that enable them to travel approximately 22mph. We also have a variety of utility carts available, often times either Club Car or Yamaha. In the gallery at the bottom of the page, you will see some of the utility carts that we’ve had – most of the time, they have the regular box-shaped utility bed, but we have had some less common flatbed style carts.

Below is a gallery of some of our fleet of used golf carts, all in good condition.

Note: At the time of writing, some of these carts have been sold, while some may still be available. Prices are included on all carts to give a general idea of factors that affect a used cart’s price, such as year and condition. For any questions about used carts, use our contact form here to send us a message. Not all carts below are street legal; only ones specified are. All carts are electric unless otherwise specified.

Golf Cart Financing | Singer Island Golf Cart Financing | Easy Cart Financing

Along with our main company, Prime Golf Cars, Singer Island Golf Cart Rental and all of our golf cart rental locations also offer golf cart sales along with rentals. With these sales, we also offer the option of golf cart financing, where you can apply for a loan that you can pay back in installments over the course of a number of months. While we have always offered this option, we’re pleased to announce that we have now made it even easier to access by adding a link to our golf cart financing directly under the sales tab in the menu (or, you can use this link to be taken directly to the application).

Variables that affect the amount for the monthly payments include factors such as the price of the golf cart, credit history, and the length of the loan.

Some of the golf carts we have for sale include the following:

Advanced EV

Our most popular golf cart that we use for rentals is the Advanced EV, the 6 passenger lifted cart being the most sought-after by customers. 4 and 6 passenger models, both lifted and nonlifted, can be registered as low speed vehicles (LSVs), and licensed for street use on public roads with a posted speed limit of 35mph or less. The standard Advanced EV golf cart can be upgraded with a multitude of accessories that we also carry in our Advanced EV site store, including but not limited to side nerf bars for easy entry and exit, front and upper LED bars for bright visibility at night, and easy-to-install lithium batteries that come with a wide range of benefits over the standard lead-acid batteries (we have a blog all about those benefits here!).


Right now, Evolution golf carts are the best in the industry when it comes to a reliable, affordable golf cart that already comes fully loaded with a multitude of accessories that can be installed for an additional price on other models. Each vehicle already comes with a 17-digit VIN number, allowing them to be certified for street legality as well. Accessories that come standard to the Evolution include custom color matched two-tone seats, color matched 14 inch wheels, a backup camera with a 9 inch color touch screen display, and a high capacity lithium battery capable of travelling approximately 80 to 100 miles on a single charge! They also have 4 wheel hydraulic disc brakes, and a lifetime warranty on their chassis. We carry 4 and 6 passenger lifted and nonlifted models.

Bintelli Beyond

We recently began carrying Bintelli Beyond golf carts, 4 and 6 passenger lifted and nonlifted carts, which also come fully loaded with many accessories like the Evolution golf carts. Built from an aluminum frame with aluminum roof supports, Bintelli Beyond golf carts can reach speeds of about 20-25 mph, and also have their own 17-digit VIN number and capability for street legal registration. Accessories on the cart include but are not limited to: a Bluetooth sound system, a backup camera, dual USB plugs, an onboard smart charger, premium color matched two-toned seats, and bright LED lighting.

On a single charge, a Bintelli Beyond cart can travel approximately 30 to 35 miles, and also have the option of upgrading to a longer range for an additional price.

America EV

America EV is our own company, with all of our carts being assembled and strictly quality controlled in our main Riviera Beach location. Our America EV carts are unique vehicles built with the design of certain luxury cars in mind, such as the EV Wagon being based on a luxury SUV, and the E Luxe and E Calibur based on similar luxury cars, while the California Roadster and 39 Roadster are designed around the vintage cars after which they are named. Our website has more information on each of these carts, and you can view our picture gallery for more images of the carts, including ones with custom paint and accessories.

Whichever golf cart you decide to buy, Singer Island Golf Cart Rental is here to make it simple and keep it affordable. We definitely recommend our golf cart financing if you prefer to pay in installments rather than make a large payment at once; use this link to be taken directly to the application.

Accessory Feature: Advanced EV/Icon® Custom Two-Toned Seats

Singer Island Golf Cart Rental is not only in the business of renting and selling golf carts, but along with carts, we also sell accessories that can be easily installed! All of our accessories can either be purchased at one of our locations and installed on the premises, or ordered from one of our accessory websites – either our Advanced EV specific website where a selection of our Advanced EV carts can be viewed and also purchased, or our golf cart accessories website that features accessories for all types of golf carts we carry. When you order from one of our websites, most of our accessories are easy to install by yourself, but you can also arrange an appointment – for an additional fee – to bring your golf cart to us for help installing the accessory.

Today we feature our two-toned custom seats for Icon® or Advanced EV golf carts, made with marine grade, hand sewn vinyl, and available in a wide range of different colors that can match the various standard Icon® and Advanced EV golf cart colors.

These are not just your standard replacement slip covers made with thin vinyl. Made in the USA with marine grade vinyl, these are extra thick padded luxury covers with extra foam for added comfort. The material is weather and UV resistant, meaning the color won’t fade from being exposed to the sun and rain. They are replacement seats, not covers, meaning they need to be installed rather than put over the existing seats.

Prices are as follows:

  • $395.00 – Front luxury custom covers for a 2 passenger cart with seats facing forward.
  • $695.00 – Front and rear luxury custom covers for a 4 passenger cart with 2 seats facing forwards and 2 seats facing backwards, or front and middle seats for carts with 4 forward facing seats.
  • $995.00 – Front, middle, and rear luxury custom covers for a 6 passenger cart with 4 seats facing forwards and 2 seats facing backward.

You can purchase your own custom seats on both our websites, Advanced EV and Golf Cart Accessories.

Destination Recommendation: Bal Harbour

Located at the top of the Miami Beach island, Bal Harbour is a small village packed with luxury designer shops, elegant, lavish fine dining restaurants, and a beautiful, scenic white sand beach with jogging, biking, and pet walking trails. We also have a rental location in Bal Harbour; you can visit the website here to learn more! If you’re in the area or planning to visit Bal Harbour or anywhere near the Miami Beach area, consider renting a golf cart by using our Bal Harbour rental reservation form!

destination recommendation: bal harbour

Bal Harbour Shops is probably the most popular attraction specific to Bal Harbour. Located only a few minutes away from the beach, Bal Harbour Shops is a high-end luxury shopping center featuring designer brands Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Oscar de la Renta, Saint Laurent, and Balmain. But it isn’t only luxury shops – if you’re interested in something more casual, stop by Books & Books and explore thousands of books! Take a look at their calendar to find out when an author event is coming – it’s a relaxing atmosphere all around!

For the newcomers and visitors, Bal Harbour and areas nearby offer all kinds of activities that aren’t your average, ordinary city tour. If you have a large group, consider renting a 6 passenger golf cart – rates start at $275 for 24 hours -, and taking a party of up to 6 on the private boat tour of Miami Beach, departing from the Miami Beach Marina. With the options of a 2, 4, 6, or 8 hour tour, you can experience an unforgettable day on the water on a 20 foot long Bayliner with Bluetooth sound systems and champagne! You’ll cruise through the intercoastal and get to know the beaches, islands, and sandbar of Biscayne Bay, and observe marine life swimming all around you. You can sunbathe, swim, and even snorkel! Life jackets and other safety equipment are included in the package, along with bottled water, soda, and champagne.

You can also experience an extraordinary, incredible aerial view of the city by taking one of the many private plane or helicopter tours! Most aerial tours over Miami are around 50 minutes, and for couples coming in for a vacation, it’s the perfect romantic adventure. As the sun sets over the beach, you’ll experience a breathtaking, enchanting view of the city that you won’t see anywhere else. For those who prefer to stay on land, take the historic coastal bike adventure along the whole length of the Miami Beach island, learning all about the history and culture of the different areas you see! It’s a 20 mile journey that takes around 3 to 4 hours, with a feeling of community among the group taking the adventure with you. For those travelling or visiting with a group, this is the perfect way to keep the party together.

destination recommendation: bal harbour

If you’re coming to the north area of the Miami Beach area, Bal Harbour is a great place to visit and tour, especially with all the different ways you can sightsee. It’s a great place to take a group, and you can get a free rental quote by filling out our Bal Harbour rental reservation form today!